Why Enter

Because smaller agencies often do the best work but rarely get their fair share of accolades.


You know the math behind traditional award shows. Big agencies and firms with big-name clients enter heaps of big-budget work. All of those entries can easily overwhelm your submissions and make it seem like you don’t have much of a chance. But that can never happen at the Davey Awards, where you only compete with smaller shops.


The Davey is all about intelligence, out-of-the-box thinking, and exceptional execution. It has absolutely nothing to do with big budgets. By competing on a level playing field, this is your opportunity to show the world that your work is truly award winning.


Simply by entering the Davey Awards, you show your team that you consider their contributions first rate. And by winning, you prove to clients, prospects, and peers that your work is award winning.


Get the Recognition you deserve.