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Top entries will win a Gold Davey Award, our highest honor. Other outstanding entries win a Silver Davey Award. The Academy will award one “Best in Show” honor within each of the 11 mediums, chosen from among the Gold Winners. See the Category List for a complete list of mediums.


The Davey Awards statuette is custom designed and handcrafted by Society Awards, the producers of many other prestigious memorabilia. The Davey is approximately one foot tall, and weighs over 5 pounds. The statuette represents a modern interpretation of the icons of the story of David and Goliath, and each is fully customized with the details of the winning entry as well as the person to be honored. The statuette is a fitting tribute to the accomplishment of all of the Davey winners.




A Davey Award means valuable publicity. We provide Winners with tools, details, and assistance to create high-impact press releases and other useful communications touting their achievement.